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What 'They' Said

They. The evil, faceless, 'they'. "It wasn't me, 'they' made me do it." Except in this case, 'they' turn out to be rather nice in their criticism. Well, except for the ones I haven't reproduced here. You can find them for yourself, floating about somewhere on the internet and in local newspaper archives, like the evil, malignant entities 'they' are.

"...very dancey, but in a palatable way that suggests that for all his bizarre dreams and schemes, Craig Pulsar could fit in quite nicely in the real world."
Donald Bush on Funky Train, Is This Music? fanzine

"A one man noise factory from Helensburgh, near Glasgow - He's come up with a real powerhouse of a tune working on his own."
Steve Lamacq on 'The People With Computers in Their Head', Radio 1 Evening Session

"That was the most extraordinary thing I've ever seen! You must have one fucked up mind. I mean that in a good way."
Random punter, Littlest Album 2 launch gig

"It has been said that Craig Pulsar is either a genius or a menace to society. This album merely reinforces both sides of the argument. 4/5."
Stu McHugh on Tokyo Sexwale, Is This Music? fanzine

"The ridiculous Craig Pulsar."
Martin Hunter,

"Frankly, everyone should be forced to see the genius that is Pulsar. Toxyo Sexwale indeed."
Neil Milton of 2 Many Fireworks

"All the bands were very good. Especially Craig Pulsar who is one of the most entertaining solo performers I've ever seen."
Ged Black, Thee Moths Farewell gig

"I honest just about pissed my myself watching that... Brilliant!"
Random punter, Dundee Rep gig

"First out of the hat for the random running order was Pulsar - less a band, more one man and his magic piano. Pulsar's track on the Smoke compilation is more of a (big)band thing, featuring the mystery guest of a pub singer from Birmingam and leading to some ill-founded speculation that the silver-throated lothario might well be Vic Reeves. Sadly we shall never know but the gaps are ably filled with an engaging set of piano-vocal pieces - though we'e not talking Elton John here. Songs about Terry Thomas are typical of the set, though a electronic-backed frenzy about "people with computers in their brains" certainly isn't."
Jockrock fanzine on the Smoke launch gig

"Craig P was on top form. "Tokyo Sexwale" was hilarious, as was "My Fiat Uno". Pop eccentrics with tunes who try to entertain and don't give a toss what people think - you can't beat 'em."
Paul McGazz, Littlest Album 2 launch gig

"Pulsar is exiled Glaswegian Robert Craig, a man determined make his mark on world civilisation by forming a pop band. The only weapons in his arsenal are a few keyboards and an ear for a good melody, but he's already gained a cult of devoted fans, who sport home-made Pulsar T-shirts. After releasing the dance track "The People With Computers In Their Heads", Craig sent a copy to cybernetics professor Kevin Warwick (who has an actual microchip implanted in his body). Prof. Warwick was said to be 'pleased'. "Want You To Know" shows off Pulsar's new synth lounge pop direction, and features the Tindersticks-esque tones of guest vocalist Rob Harland."
Smoke album website

"So far every track has been a winner apart from the Pulsar one which was, for me, ruined by the Vic Reeves alike 'pub' singing over the top."
Alex Botten, feedback on 'Want You to Know'

"It's back to noise, heavy drum loops and distortion galore with Pulsar's "the people with computers in their head", which has a funny narration ("the people with computers in their head don't talk anymore -- they communicate by a form of electronic telepathy") and creates a dark but humorous mood with its harsh textures. In total, five more wonderful little cookies from the gang at Mouthmoth."
Richard di Santo on 'The People With Computers in Their Head'

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