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About Craig Pulsar

Climbing the Cobbler In 1999, just before the world was supposed to end, Robert Craig Weldon left his job as a submersible pilot and formed a band called Pulsar. With his barnacle-encrusted savings he bought a synthesiser and home studio and got busy recording songs. 'Splendid!', an eleven-track album recorded in a Glasgow tenement, was the result. Armed with 'Splendid!' Craig's stall was high on melody and cheese but low on coolness, a combination he calls 'archpop.' Despite some encouraging live feedback, he soon faced the economic realities of the artist (and was in fact getting a bit tired of being a penniless bum) and took another job in Birmingham.

Background image for TPWCITH But this wasn't the end for Pulsar. A friend lent a new track to a student record company and this track, 'The People With Computers in Their Head,' duly appeared on the Mothballs Vol3 EP. This made its way to national radio when Radio 1 DJ Steve Lamacq played it on his show. Recorded with a special method (digital distortion being part of the sound), 'The People With Computers in Their Head,' with its merciless drums and cyber-punk vision is helluva loud. Digital distortion may not be the future of musical production, but the subject could well be the future for all of us!

Playing keyboards in Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club Pulsar was then approached by 'The Smoke Collective', a group of unsigned bands looking to pool resources and raise the profile of music in Glasgow and Scotland. Although living in Birmingham, England by the time of the launch, Craig was most pleased to be involved. The Smoke launch gigs lived up to their potential, filling the 13th Note Cafe to capacity (OK, so the capacity is only 100), with more people outside unable to get in! Largely because of some of the well known 'underground' names also appearing on the 'Smoke' CD such as My Legendary Girlfriend.

Craig Pulsar after a performance Craig Pulsar with The King of Rock'n'Roll himself, Elvis Presley! Musically, Craig decided from now on to only release well performed, toe-tapping, through-provoking, spectacularly-produced recordings. This proved a Venn diagram from hell, and nothing much was forthcoming for the next year or so. Pulsar appeared on a remix CD for My Legendary Girlfriend's Gross Domestic Product album, did another show at the 13th Note, and applied to appear on the sequel to the popular Littlest Album, a 7" single-sized album of tracks, none of which are more than a minute long! However, by this point he had returned to Glasgow and been inspired by the Hector Collectors' shambolic genius album, Straight Outta Comprehensive. Music didn't *have* to be super-well produced and performed if the raw material was strong enough. A frenzy of breezily produced recording like 'Tokyo Sexwale' followed, along with a spoof boyband called the One Minute Wonders, injecting energy and humour into the live show. If Pulsar is playing in your town, come along and enjoy the show, because there are very few acts out there like him!

UPDATE! Craig's last available CD is a remix EP featuring previous favourites like 'Dance Disco Robot' and 'Tokyo Sexwale', using the power of collaboration to cement his reputation for a fun tune. And by the end of the year he will be unleashing a dancetastic third album...

I made myself a Tokyo Sexwale mask - do you like it?
lovely punter at Halloween gig (above)

Several punters were actually in danger of having a seizure, particularly during 'Dance Disco Robot'.
Andy Bonar

I honest just about pissed my myself watching Craig Pulsar... Brilliant!
random Dundee punter

The Disco Robot lives!

The One Minute Wonders

The One Minute Wonders

In the time it takes you to read this message, the One Minute Wonders will have disbanded. *That's* how bleeding-edge hip they are. Not content with the usual 18-month career of an aspiring boy band, the One Minute Wonders will appear at their first (and only) gig, perform a song for the duration of exactly one minute, cause pant-wetting delerium, and then split up.

ADHDagers: your day is dawning.

Band SnapFax:

Robert Craig: 21: green: brown
'MB': 19: brown: prematurely balding
McGazz: 17: black: black
Dr Gregory Beekman PhD, formerly of NASA: classified: classified: classified

Favourite Drug: speed

Favourite Colour: tartan

Favourite TV Theme Tune: the 'A' team

Favourite Bushism: "I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully"

Enclosed: Just Another Pop Song, the One Minute Wonders' Forthcoming Hit!